A scientific graphing calculator for smartphones and tablets suitable for the classroom.
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For students…

CalcMonitor™ is a full-featured graphing calculator app based on the cutting-edge GeoGebra. Instead of buying an expensive handheld calculator, you can get all the functionality of a scientific calculator on any Android device.


For teachers…

Would you like your students to be able to use a calculator app but are concerned that smartphones in the classroom means web browsing, games, and messaging? CalcMonitor™ offers a secure exam mode, where the device is monitored to prevent use of other apps and where network access is disabled (so-called “airplane mode”).


How it works

CalcMonitor™ can be used as a standalone graphing calculator at any time. However, it can optionally be put into exam mode, where networking must be turned off and the device must not leave the CalcMonitor™ app. The student will then be prompted to enter information about the instructor or exam proctor, who will later be sent verification that the device remained in exam mode.

Select exam mode.

The e-mail will be used for reporting.

The red top indicates exam mode.

All use of exam mode for a particular proctor is compiled into a spreadsheet after a couple of hours and e-mailed. The spreadsheet includes information such as the student's name, the class, and the times exam mode was entered and exited.


To prevent unwanted deliveries, proctors must verify their e-mail address with us before any spreadsheets will be sent. Verification is quick and easy!